UKRAINIAN OPEN LEAGUE OF MMA – REAL FIGHT PROMOTION – sport organization based in city Lviv, Ukraine. Conducts tournaments on the Mixed Martial Arts (ММА).

Appearance of “Real Fight Promotion” is first of all related to Vitaliy Vovk.

In May, 2007 Vitaliy Vovk in Lviv created a fight club “WOLF” and on October, 26, 2007, under an aegis a fight club “WOLF” the first professional tournament was conducted from MMA under the name “West Fight”.

In December, 2008 a fighter club “WOLF” becomes basis for “Real Fight Promotion”.

On the tournaments of “Real Fight Promotion” such known fighters came forward as: Nikita Krylov (UFC / Ukraine), Daniel Omielanczuk (UFC / Poland), Sergey Guzev (Ukraine), Ruslan Abiltarov (Ukraine), Vlad Popovskiy (Moldova), Dmitry Smoliakov (UFC / Russia).